Monday, October 12, 2009

Bob McDonnell Has A Joe Biden Problem

Bob McDonnell has been furiously trying to rebrand himself as a moderate as he tries to win the Virginia governors race. Unfortunately for him his ticket mate for attorney general Ken Cuccinelli sounds like a blogger at Red State. Here is what he had to say about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Well, it's official, the Nobel Peace Prize is officially meaningless," Cuccinelli opened his Cuccinelli Compass newsletter to supporters Friday. He went on to quote commentator John Podhoretz about what Cuccinelli termed the "Nobel hilarity." Podhoretz argued that the win is not surprising because Obama represents the Nobel committee's highest ideals because he is "an American President queasy about the projection of American power."

"I suspect that whoever nominated him actually did it as a joke. And how about that, it really did turn out to be a joke," Cuccinelli concluded on the subject.

It will be interesting to see how McConnell tries to spin himself away from this kind of over the top right wing rhetoric. I am pretty sure that the people of Virginia do not share Cuccinelli's partisan views on the Nobel Peace Prize and if enough of them start to notice that this is the company McConnell is keeping they may wake up and realize that he is selling them a false bill of goods. If and when that happens you can expect those lofty numbers of his to take a preciptious slide but it is still up to Creigh Deeds to show himself to be something more than just "not McConnell". Unfortunately as weak kneed Democrats often do Deeds tried to put some air between himself and a very popular President at the first sign of President Obama's poll numbers slipping a little. If he was smart he would go running back like a prodigal sun and hug the hell out of Obama for the rest of his campaign.

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  1. "I am pretty sure that the people of Virginia do not share Cuccinelli's partisan views.."

    I'm not so sure - Virginia has pockets of reason, but I believe that large parts of Virginia still define patriotism as GOP-only. Fox is still the main source of information in a lot of the state. Anyway, seems to me this is the old standard good-bad style, where the "plausible deniability" factor requires the head of the ticket to pretend one way, while the bottom of the ticket lets people know where he really stands. This way, people that want to believe one way can say that the other expression isn't what the candidate actually believes. Campaigning 101. You hopefully get people of every persuasion voting for you.


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