Sunday, July 5, 2009


I guess I missed this clip of Anderson Cooper interviewing Sarah Palin's spokesperson the other night after she announced her resignation. I think this exchange is very instructive for all of us who have wondered why Sarah Palin speaks as incoherently as she does on a regular basis. I mean when your spokesperson is this bad and pretty much sounds exactly like you do in the worst of your exceedingly bad interviews and press conferences I would say that there is some cause and effect there. The spokespersron, Meg Stapleton, spoke in nothing more than slogans and empty rhetoric, the same literary devices so frequenctly used by Palin herself.

In what world can you say its leadership to step down from the governorship and yet not have a solid answer about what you are going to do next? The point guard reference is absolutely the worst ever also precisely because it can so easily be turned on its head by those more versed in sports than Cooper. First of all a leader in politics usually would want to be known as more of a shooting guard ala Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant because those are the guys who make the biggest plays for you when the pressure is on. Besides that in sports if you have a point guard who never wants to take a big shot then they can never truly be considered one of the great ones. As a matter of fact true basketball enthusiasts will question their level of courage if they repeatedly pass the ball with the game on the line to someone whom is seen as a lesser talent whether they are open or not. Ask Vince Carter about it. Ask Lebron James about it from early on in his career when he didn't have that killer instinct.

But the fact that not only is Stapleton saying these things but she seems to think she is making good points just goes to show that Palin is institutionally destined for failure. She keeps insulating herself in a bubble with people like Stapleton who obviously have no clue what the hell they are talking about. The only qualification any of her inner circle seem to have for their jobs is total devotion to her. Well you might get away with that in podunk Wasilla, but it ain't going to cut it on the national scene. And I have a funny feeling that now that Palin is no longer a Governor, media types will not be as polite about not calling out her continual incoherence. If there isn't some pending scandal that ever comes out then this may well go down as the worst political move in the history of our nation.

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  1. That interview is an exercise in talking a whole helluva lot and not saying anything. Perhaps, I have not viewed a more frustrating interview since perhaps Palin's last interview.

    It appears that a bush league candidate with a bush league team accicently ended up in the majors, and now realizes she's end over her head and wants to call a time out while she gathers herself.

    But unless she gathers a more saavy team of advisors, she is headed for trouble because the longer she is out there, the more questionable decisions she makes, the more she opens her mouth, the more she is exposed for being the imposter she is.


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