Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Mountain Of Evidence

I am not sure there is anyone on the planet that is still not convinced that Charlie Crist isn't lying through his teeth about his earlier support for the stimulus bill but just in case check out this exchange from the Rolling Stone.

But when I interviewed Crist this spring for my piece The GOP Jihad, here’s what he told me he’d have done had he had a darn vote:

Rolling Stone: Just a final question: Had you been in the Senate, would you have voted with the other Republicans for the stimulus package?

Crist: Absolutely.

Like I said before, this isn't likely to affect Republican voters in his primary against Rubio because for them his conformity is a good thing regardless of the hypocrisy it shows. But should he make it out of that primary this will definitely doom his electoral prospects.

Voters kind of expect politicians to lie. What they don't expect is for that politician to try to play them for fools.

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