Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calling All Journalists With Time On Their Hands

By now most journalists and political bloggers have seen the clip of Rupert Murdock agreeing with Glenn Beck that President Obama is a racist. For the handful who haven't here you go.

Now of course, through a spokesman, he is denying that he "for one second" believes President Obama is a racist.

Now that may sound like an unequivical walkback, but it really isn't. Even though his spokesman didn't come out and say it, you will notice that he didn't retract his statement that President Obama SAID something really racist. Now most folks realize that the GOP and the conservative movement are now the kings of proclaiming that just because somebody says something racist doesn't mean they ARE racist. And my prediction is that the next time some Republican says something wildly innappropriate you will hear the wingnuts proclaim "well what about President Obama?"

We shouldn't let it go down like that.

So I am simply asking that any journalist or blogger (or both) who has contact information for Rupert Murdoch, to get in touch with him or his office and ask them to provide the statement that Murdoch is claiming that President Obama said that was racist. And I mean call or email or whatever every single day until the spokesman either has to admit they Murdoch was full of shit, or they stop responding at all which is just as damning.

So whaddya say? Anybody up for harrassing Rupert Murdoch into submission?

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