Thursday, November 19, 2009

At The End Of An Otherwise Dissapointing Interview Of Lou Dobbs, Jon Stewart Brings The Awesome

Jon Stewart wasted more than 20 minutes of an interview with Lou Dobbs, taking almost every one of his answers at face value and never challenging him on the bullshit he is most known for like his advocation for the birthers and his extremely prejudiced and racist past statements about hispanics, before he finally brought it home explaining what America is really about no matter what people like Dobbs or Hannity or any other right wing asshat has to say.

You can forward to 2:44 if you want to avoid Dobbs' bullshit.

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Now I understand that Stewart is a comedian and his show isn't so called "real" news, but if he is going to take up the mantle of challenging people who come on his show, ala Jim Cramer, then he should expect for people to hold him to a high standard when he gets a shot at someone like Lou Dobbs. You won't see Dobbs going on Rachel Maddow's show or even sitting down with Chris Matthews, so this was the one chance to put his ass on the spot to make him answer for the shit he has said. The idea that Stewart allowed him to assert over and over again that his an independent or in the middle when he is as right wing as they come was pretty fucking nauseating. And understand this, there were over 16 minutes of video aside from this clip of the interview and I didn't think any of the rest of it was even worth posting.

But at least he did confront Dobbs on the fact that our country is not fragile and the things that are being done right now do not consitute some kind of sea change in our history. I guess that's worth.....something.

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