Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quick To Jump On Some Bullshit

For a political party that doesn't have much credibility left, the GOP doesn't seem to mind squandering the rest.

Conservatives are jumping up and down over a report by an EPA analyst expressing skepticism about climate change, which, they claim, was suppressed by agency brass because it didn't conform to Obama administration orthodoxy on global warming. The story has sparked explosive claims, on Fox News and other right-wing outlets, that the EPA censored scientific data for political reasons. And Monday, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) called for an outright criminal investigation into the matter.

But it's hard to blame EPA for not paying much attention to the study. And it's more than a little ironic that DC Republicans have chosen its author as their new standard-bearer in the defense of pure science against politics. Because the author, EPA veteran Al Carlin, is an economist, not a climate scientist. EPA says no one at the agency solicited the report. And Carlin appears to have taken up the global warming topic largely as a hobby on his own time. In fact, a NASA climatologist has called the report -- whose existence was first publicized last week by the industry-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) -- "a ragbag collection of un-peer reviewed web pages, an unhealthy dose of sunstroke, a dash of astrology and more cherries than you can poke a cocktail stick at."


  1. Sorry off topic SG, just wanted to see if you had seen Fox News' latest declaration. Dems really don't have super majority, squander for votes. It's a dandy.

  2. Well other than the disengenuous argument about Sanders and Lieberman the article is esssentially true. A lot more realistic than the "Oh we are going to be Soshulist States Of America becuz of the stolen supermajority" meme they have been pushing since yesterday. The one thing that nobody in the media seem to bring up is Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd both being sick and out. Now obviously if its a major bill they can come back as Teddy did for the first stim bill vote but really even that isn't guaranteed. But really until somebody smacks around the ConservaDems and gets them on board I am only marginally more optomistic now with Franken

    And really my optimism has as much to do with the fact that I think he won't be afraid to kick the members of his own Party's ass if they step out of line as anything else.

  3. But majority isn't decided by votes on bills, but rather by caucus. Both Lieberman and Sanders caucus with the Dems, giving them a technical super majority. Like I said on my blog, according to Fox News' logic, Repubs really only have 32 votes then.

    If Republicans had 60 members there is no way Fox News would be running a story talking about how really the Repubs don't have that many votes and are disbanded. They would be running stories about how strong and powerful the Repubs are for having a 20 seat majority. I suppose that's my point to the whole thing. :)

  4. Reread my first line, I agree with you on that part of it. We will never hear the truth or anything close to it on FoxNews but I think unintentionally they did tell the truth about how a Democratic supermajority won't be all that powerful. Especially with Harry Reid at the helm

  5. Totally agree with that, but power is perception and it doesn't matter if the Dems had 80 members, Fox would still run the same kind of story giving off the perception they are weak. Soapbox of mine I suppose. Thanks for responding.

    Reid is terrible.


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