Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have been trying my best not to go all conspiracy theory on the Steve McNair murder/suicide but the facts keep making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. First of all the woman who supposedly murdered him then turned the gun on herself, Sahel Kazemi, only bought the gun a couple of days before everything went down. This was a 9mm pistol, that is not exactly a pop gun. And yet we are supposed to believe that she was such a cold blooded killer that she not only murdered Steve McNair but shot him in the head then shot him in the chest twice then shot him in the other side of his head?! Seriously?!

And then of course we have to deal with her ex boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, who just so happened to be the one who picked her up after the DUI which occured two days earlier where she was driving with McNair in the passenger seat and then McNair left in a cab. He just so happened to have sent an email to the Nashville paper, "The Tennessean" exposing the fact that McNair was in the truck with Kazemi when she was pulled over and that he was dating her. Then there is the violent homemade rap that the guy put on his myspace page. And there is also the question of what role he might have played in Kazemi buying the gun in the first place. Besides that is the report that Kazemi had to call the police on him for assaulting her earlier this year.

But maybe the most sinister angle is about the arresting officer from the DUI. It just so happened to be officer Shawn Taylor, the same guy who was disciplined after he was found to have abused his position when he had previously arrested McNair on a bogus DUI charge and kept bugging him to take a drug test. What might he have said to Kazemi that night? Is it just a bit of irony that he was involved with this stop a few days before McNair ends up dead? And considering the brutal nature of the murder suicide doesn't it seem at least more probably that a police officer rather than a 20 year old girl would have the capacity to carry such an attack out and then be able to cover it up afterward?

I don't know man, this story to me still isn't over. Not by a long shot.


  1. Agree.

    All the killer needed to do is read Elmore Leonard or watch Get Shorty and figure out how Ray Barboni got gunshot residue on Harry Zimm's hand, shoot McNair, make the girl shoot him then kill her.

    The problem with this is how could the killer have made the 20 year old purchase the 9MM?
    Some of the first articles I read intimated that McNair had suggested she buy a handgun because she was afraid of living by herself in the condo supposedly owned by McNair and another guy whose story of course is that he walked in at 0730, saw McNair asleep on the couch and the girl laying on the floor and thought nothing unusual (except for flushing something down the johh?) until after he saw them again. Plus her boyfriend in some pics I saw didn't look like someone to be screwed around with and your writing today is the first I've heard of the cop angle.

    The only way the suicide angle could possibly make any sense was if McNair told Kazemi that he was taking away her Escalade and whatever financial support he was giving her. Hence, law enforcement talking about the severe financial difficulties of a 20 year old which would therefore cause her to do a murder suicide. Crazy. But I can tell you that once the law gets enough, whether valid or not, to support a murder-suicide, that's their story and they're sticking to it.

  2. Finishing reading the 'bought the gun' link in your first paragraph. Wow, whenever the Police Chief of a major city, uses the word 'serendipity' as to how the gun just so happened to find the gun seller in the parking lot to close the murder-suicide missing link, it's beyond the smell of rotten fish in the Tennessee River.


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