Monday, July 6, 2009

Can We Stop Calling Mika Brzezinski A Liberal Now?

Seriously, this chick has been brainwashed at this point and there wasn't much brain there to begin with. I haven't heard her articulate even one policy position that could be credibly described as liberal nor progressive. I am hoping that very soon she pulls a Sarah Palin and quits as well.


  1. I nearly threw up this morning. "Real Americans" my ass. Even Willie called bullshit on her.

  2. good god, cabana boy willie geist to the rescue. then of course, starbucks joe belittles stepford wife mika for inarticulately saying what she thinks he would want her to say in the first place. btw there is PLENTY of rural Americans scared shitless of the prospect of Palin in public office. what a crapfest.

    morning cringe is unwatchable.

  3. Priceless. Scarborough was practically moving her jaw with his hands as he was trying to articulate her point for her. So, there are people who consider this blond meat-puppet a liberal? Get the fuck outta' here!


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