Monday, February 16, 2009

Did You Hear The One About The Dirty Bomb?

Except its not a joke. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center a leaked FBI memo shows that a man by the name of James G. Cummings who was killed by his wife in December was intent on building and deploying a dirty bomb. From the SPLC blog.

James G. Cummings, a neo-Nazi who was shot to death by his wife last December, possessed a cache of radioactive materials suitable for building a “dirty bomb,” according to a leaked FBI intelligence report. A dirty bomb uses conventional explosives to disperse radioactive and other harmful materials over a large area.

During a search of the Belfast, Maine, house where Cummings lived with his wife, Amber, investigators reportedly discovered instructions for making a dirty bomb, along with four 1-gallon containers filled with a mix of uranium and thorium, both of which are radioactive, along with highly toxic beryllium powder. The containers also held a hydrogen peroxide-based solution needed for making peroxide-based explosives, along with lithium metal, thermite, magnesium ribbon, black iron oxide and other substances that are used to amplify the effects of homemade explosives.


Amber Cummings reportedly told police that her husband was “very upset” over Barack Obama being elected president, had been in contact with white supremacist groups, and that he’d been mixing chemicals in their kitchen sink while talking about dirty bombs. Authorities say she claimed that she killed her husband after years of mental, physical, and sexual abuse. Police are terming his death a “domestic violence homicide” but, at this point, no charges have been filed.

Now with such explosive (pun intended) accusations like these and with the man actually possessing radioactive material one would have to wonder why this hasn't made it into the mainstream media? Curioser and curioser.

(h/t Sadly, No)

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