Friday, November 19, 2010


I have no idea why Democrats aren't all over TV right now saying that they are speaking for the people when it comes to letting the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy expire. Really, I have no fucking clue.

ALL available polling shows that the American public supports this. Not just kinda supports it. OVERWHELMINGLY supports it. And yet its the Republicans who are claiming to be the voice of America in pushing for a permanent tax cut for the wealthy.

All this and last year Republicans repeatedly pointed out polling on health care in the midst of the reform fight to portray Democrats as over reaching. Yet now Democrats are damn near mute and once again allowing the GOP the moral high ground on a topic that the public has their back on.

Who in the fuck is doing the political messaging and planning for Congressional Democrats?! Or for that matter the White House?

All of those sumbitches should be summarily fired.

Democrats should have referenced polling on tax cuts so much by now that whenever some Republican hack like Mike Pence opens his mouth to try to portray keeping tax cuts for the wealthy as something most Americans want, any body interviewing him not employed by FoxNews would have to ask him why the polling doens't back that up.

Instead he and the rest of his cronies are allowed to create this false impression of the mood of the country with little to no pushback.

I mean got damn man, seriously. If we can't win on this issue, an issue WE HAVE ALREADY WON, then fuck it, all is lost!!!

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