Friday, November 5, 2010

Evidently Some People Still Don't Get It

I'll admit that I haven't been in a mood to blog lately. After all the bullshit that went down with Kendrick Meek and the blood bath Democrats in Florida rightly suffered on Tuesday I just don't have a whole lot to say. It didn't have to be this way but at this point the damage is done.

But I have to say what has been most infuriating to me the last couple of days is the spin I keep seeing from some Democrats and Liberals/Progressives in response to losing the House on election day and having the lead in the Senate whittled down to 53 seats. I keep seeing people talk about how "hard" its going to be for the Republicans now that they have to govern and the "trouble" John Boehner is going to have trying to keep his caucus together.

Folks, I have to ask, what in the fuck are you smoking?!

The next couple of years are going to look like this. John Boehner brings up crazy ass bills gutting social programs in the name of "fiscal responsibility". His caucus will pass such bills just to send it to the Senate and make all the ConservaDems uncomfortable. To block the bills the Democrats will have to have 40 Senators, fresh off Tuesday's ass kicking, who are willing to filibuster them. And all the while the GOP will once again dominate the messaging wars painting them as unAmerican for opposing the bills. The media will eat that shit up and suddenly recognize how ridiculous our filibuster rules are and paint Democrats as obstructionists as they never did the last two years when Republicans were breaking records for filibusters.

And here's the thing, if we all keep waiting on Republicans to implode like most of us have the last two years instead of actually going out and SUPPORTING our candidates WE will be the ones on the outside looking in after 2012.

At some point a lot of the folks on our side had better figure out that sitting on our asses and writing blog posts will not be enough to change where the country is headed. The crazy thing is you would think folks would get that now that the country has elected a bunch of ignorant as Tea Baggers to represent them rather than their "sensible" Democratic opponents, but it seems like our side is still stuck in this bubble where they really believe that Dems will win simply because they have the better policies.

Unless and until we learn how to fight these fear mongerers with better messaging and better strategies we are going to keep losing until both the White House and both houses of Congress are lead by Wingnuts. I hope sometime before now and 2012 people wake up to that realization because if not our country is going to be in a world of fucking trouble.

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