Friday, July 23, 2010

The Only Racists FoxNews Sees

I wish I was good at doing video mashups because there is one that is just begging to be made. It would have clip after clip of FoxNews personalities calling Shirley Sherrod a racist, in no uncertain terms, over and over and over again. Then it would switch to Glenn Beck calling President Obama a racist and other's calling Van Jones a racist. But then at the end it would go to clips of those same FoxNews personalities defending the likes of Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives and Republicans who do and say a lot more blatantly racist things. They will frame it as just being satire or they will warn people not to jump to conclusions. It will show footage of the doctor from Florida who sent the picture of Pres Obama photoshopped into a witch doctor with a bone through his nose, being a panelist on Glenn Beck's show.

Id like to see that mashup because people love video evidence nowadays and nothing would be more eye opening than a video that shows how far FoxNews has gone and is willing to go to convince their viewers that the only racists in America any more are black. Its an amazing feat they are trying to pull off that flies in the face of all logic, but for the people who actually watch FoxNews its easy to see that they are at least convincing them. It will serve as just further proof that FoxNews is not even close to a news organization and instead is a propaganda outfit.

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