Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breitbart's Bitch Assness

Out of all of my ranting about this situation with Shirley Sherrod I need to make one thing clear, the person with the most culpability in this is Andrew Breitbart.

Yes the Obama administration overreacted in firing Mrs. Sherrod.

Yes the NAACP acted like cowards hurrying to throw Mrs. Sherrod under the bus to cover their ass after their Tea Party resolution.

Yes some commentators like CNN's Roland Martin should have waited before passing judgment on Mrs. Sherrod.

But one person and one person only put the edited video out expressly hoping that they would destroy Mrs. Sherrod's career and therefore damage both the NAACP and the Obama administration. And that person is Breitbart.

This situation is no different than the bullshit ACORN tapes which were edited in the worst possible way. And yet people bought it hook line and sinker.

Well now that the video itself has been debunked, its time to hold this asshole accountable.

I know that he has said he didn't edit the tapes. Well you know what? Why in the hell should that matter? I don't buy it but even if I did, imagine how apoplectic he would be if someone edited a tape like that of Sarah Palin, or Mitt Romney, or any other leading right wing figure. Do you think he, or the rest of the right wing noise machine for that matter, would care that the person didn't edit the video and instead just posted it?


Matter of fact we have a perfect example in Dan Rather of what happens when actual journalists make the mistake of presenting fake or doctored evidence.

So why then would any press organization take this bastard seriously ever again?

And lets be clear about something. This coward Breitbart has changed his story several times. He first put the video up with the verifiable lie that it was proof that AS AN USDA EMPLOYEE Mrs Sherrod had discriminated against a white farmer.

He still hasn't owned that.

Then he went on CNN and cast aspersions on the Spooners trying to say they might be fakes because he was holding on for dear life to the lie that Mrs. Sherrod had in fact discriminated against some poor white farmer and caused them to lose their land.

And now he claims to feel sorry for Mrs. Sherrod, not because he put up doctored video to get her not only fired but also to assassinate her character, but instead because the mean old Obama administration overreacted. Which was exactly what he hoped they would do from the start.

Not only that, NOW he claims the video was supposed to show the audience agreeing with racism. So for him the video still showed racism in the NAACP.

Well two notes on this. Its seems only fat pasty white racist assholes can't seem to understand that the NAACP and nobody else expects that any organization is 100 % without racism. The key is what does each organization do about it. The NAACP showed they are willing to throw a great woman under the bus just to avoid even the appearance that they countenance racism.

Andrew Breitbart and the rest of the Tea Party acolytes however insist there is NO racism in the Tea Party. Doesn't matter how many signs everyone sees, doesn't matter how many black legislators are called nigger or spit on, doesn't matter how many billboards are put up. None of that really counts in their world.

And that is THE fucking problem most of us have with the Tea Party. Because unless and until they admit they have a problem they will never actually deal with it.

But secondly lets talk about what actually happened on the tape because I see some people rushing to caress Breitbart's balls and run with his new justification.

Mrs. Sherrod tells a story about Mr Spooner where in Mr Spooner came to her with a, in her words, "superior" attitude. In layman's terms he was being an asshole. And it was because he was being an asshole that she thought to herself about how hard she should work for him. You see she wasn't working for the government. She was in point of fact working for a co op of black farmers. So literally she didn't have to do very much to help Mr. Spooner.

At the point in the video where she talks about Mr. Spooners' "superior" attitude you hear gasps in the audience and noticeable grumbling from folks who I imagine had had similar encounters in their lifetimes. Then when Mrs. Sherrod talks about then deciding how much help she was going to give him the audience laughs.


Because hating assholes is universal!

Its not as if her focus was on his whiteness and how she was against white folks. Her story was focused on the fact that he talked to her as if her was better than her and or knew more than she did. We have all experienced these kinds of assholes in our life. And I'm sure many of us, if we were in such a position, would also consider not helping that kind of asshole out if we didn't have to.

Quite frankly, had she been talking about a black man coming in with the same kind of attitude and she told the audience she considered not helping him you would expect the exact same reaction. That the audience was made up primarily of NAACP members did not and does not mean that the man's whiteness was the cause of the laughter.

In fact it would take quite a leap of logic to discern that it was the cause in the first place.

But that's where Breitbart is trying to lead everyone now. After trying to convince us that Mrs. Sherrod is a racist who discriminated against white folks as a USDA official failed and after trying got convince us that the Spooners weren't really the people she referred to in the speech failed, and after trying to convince us that he really didn't mean any harm towards Mrs. Sherrod, this is what he has come up with now.

And the fucked up thing is several media outlets are uncritically reporting this load of bullshit.

Well at some point fellow lefties and you centrists out there we are going to have to get in the game if we ever want to start winning it. Right wingers spend all their time complaining complaining complaining about different media outlets and their coverage. And they don't just complain to their friends or on their blog, they send letters to the editor, letters to the ombudsmen, letters to members of congress. They call these same folks over and over to create controversies even if there aren't any.

Us sitting on our asses and complaining on twitter or ranting on blogs ain't gonna get it. Its time to put up or shut up because if not this won't be the last time this kind of shit happens to people like Shirley Sherrod. Being in anyway a part of the Obama administration has put a target on everyone and the only way to get them off is us. WE can either help to change the way our media covers this kind of bullshit or we can watch the right wing rack up scalps.

And the first project should be to demand Andrew Breitbart's banishment from every credible media outlet. No more giving him the benefit of the doubt nor allowing him to come on and tell lies to cover his ass. After ACORN and Mrs. Sherrod its time to get these folks to cut bait and banish him strictly to FauxNews and conservative media.

I'm down, are you?

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