Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Ain't What You Want

Imma go wayyyyyyyyyy out on a limb and predict that Bernie Goldberg won't be picking another fight with Jon Stewart any time soon.

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Bernie Goldberg Fires Back
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  1. My wife and I commented about the expression on O'Reilly's face as he was leading in Goldberg.

    We both agree it was a look of "You're about to get your ass handed to you"

    I really hope Goldberg does not decide he has had enough.

  2. Well, on the one hand, an awful lot of people like to have their victimhoodnessosity reinforced so they can justify their resentments. On the other hand, Goldberg is a putz. Either these guys are blind to history ("Only an idiot [messes] with a comedian!"), or they're really fishing for a slap-down. It's hard to know which is the more likely explanation. Maybe both are.


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