Friday, April 16, 2010

McDonnell As A Whipping Boy In The Midterms

I have a great idea for Democrats in tough midterm election races. I know many races will have a Tea Bagging candidate running far to the right, but other races in purple districts will have Republicans trying to masquerade as moderates so as not to scare off voters. If Democrats are smart they will us Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell as a whipping boy to run against those allegedly moderate Republicans. Pointing out that McDonnell also billed himself as a moderate and then immediately upon taking office showed himself to be a big time right winger going so far as to celebrate a Confederate History Month and then tying him to those moderates would be like found money. Not only will it get voters to look at them suspiciously, it will also force the moderates to take stances on very controversial subjects potentially pissing off their own right wing base. That's what's called going on the offensive and I hope some Democrats at least have the same thought.

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