Thursday, August 19, 2010

Florida Democrats PAY ATTENTION

There's a poll out today that on the face of it looks like bad news for Kendrick Meek as he is once again 3rd in a matchup with Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio at about 16%. But here is what Meek and every other Democrat in the State of Florida should be paying attention to.

In the Senate race against Rubio and Meek, Crist gets 45 percent of the Democrats - more than Meek's 36 percent - and 50 percent of the independent voters. Against Greene, Crist gets 51 percent of the Democrats to Greene's 31 percent, and 48 percent of independent voters.

"Crist is getting more support from Democrats than either Greene or Meek. The key for Crist will be whether he can hold this many Democrats once the party's nomination is settled and keep his half of the independent voters," said Brown.

Crist's lead is built almost entirely on the backs of Democrats. If those Democrats actually vote for a REAL DEMOCRAT Kendrick Meek will smoke both Crist and Rubio.

Now I've heard some Democrats who are supporting Crist say that he only has their support because they think Meek doesn't have a shot of beating Rubio. This poll shows that is a damn lie. If those Democrats come back home Rubio is toast and so is Crist.

So the question is, Democrats, do you want somebody whose vote you can actually count on or do you want another guy who will get to the Senate and obstruct every part of the Democratic agenda from within. That's IF the best case scenario happens and he caucuses with the Democrats. I'm one who still see's Crist as a Republican who will caucus with the GOP which in practical matters makes him no better than Rubio. None at all.

So the question for Democrats in Florida is do you want progress or not? Do you want climate change legislation or not? Do you want Social Security and Medicare to remain as we know them or not? Do you want filibuster reform or not? Do you want health care reform to be implemented or not?

Are you going to vote for the Democratic platform or not?

My advice is this, if you are going to vote for Crist you might as well vote for Rubio because at least then we will be dealing with a wingnut that doesn't hide his hand rather than having another drama queen like Crist just looking for attention whenever there is a big vote.

OR you can as a Democrat support the Democrat and help our country forward.

Its your choice.

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