Saturday, August 7, 2010

Charlie Crist Lets His Mask Slip DEMOCRATS PAY ATTENTION!!!

For some reason Democrats in Florida keep deluding themselves into thinking that Charlie Crist is going to become some kind of Dem or Dem light should they back him over the REAL Democrat in the race, Representative Kendrick Meek.  Well I realize that Crist himself has had to be vague as possible on the issue so that he can fool some Democrats into voting for him but today he was interviewed by Chris Matthews and for a brief moment he showed where his heart really is. 

Matthews interrupted: "In other words, would you imagine voting as a Republican, becoming a member of the Republican caucus, if they continue with their strategy of just say no?"

"It would have to do better. There's no question about it," said Crist. "I mean, obviously if you're looking at reducing taxes, reducing the deficit, maybe they've got some good ideas about that. It really depends on issue by issue, Chris."

Really Charlie? I would have loved for Tweety to have followed up by asking him to name one, just one, idea Republicans have right now to reduce taxes or reduce the deficit that isn't a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

And one thing that every Democratic voter in the state of Florida should know is that should Crist get elected as an "independent" he still has to choose one of the two major parties to caucus with. He is going to try to make it seem as if he can just vote with either side whenever he wants to and I guess in theory that's true. But he has to chose a side. Especially if he wants to chair any committees or subcommittees which is huge when you're talking about representing our state. So when he refuses to say he will caucus with either party what he is really saying is he won't tell all of you that he is going to caucus with the Republicans because he doesn't want to lose your vote.

But you will know the candidate by his rhetoric. And when all Crist has is "lower taxes, reduce the deficit", who does that sound like?

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