Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What More Could Be Done?

I have been just as upset about the oil spill in the gulf as anybody else, especially with BP's lying and obfusication. But here lately people, even those on the left, have started to point the finger at the Obama administration as if the whole thing is their fault. I mean every day now I turn on my TV and there is some pundit intimating that President Obama should don a cape, fly down to Louisianna and use his heat ray vision to stop the spill. Or some such. Yet none of these people who claim the administration should either be doing something more and or something else ever offer up what that more or different approach should be.

Thankfully last night Rachel Maddow asked the question that most of these folks should have address first, is there anything more that COULD be done? Turns out, unfortunately for us all, it seems that there isn't.

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  1. BP doesn't want any help. Lots of groups have come forward willing to help and BP keeps saying, "we got this". The EPA is riding them about the chemicals that they are spraying but they won't stop using it. I think maybe the Prez can give BP a nudge in the right direction by really sitting down with the folks trying to clean up the mess and not the CEO or some other "suit"

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. I am simply amazed everyday by this BP situation that gets worse and worse every stinking day as more and more of the ecosystem continues to die and these jackasses drop golfballs into the ocean.
    In any case to blame it on Obama is to blame 911 on Bush jr. Now Bush sr..


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