Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Like They Aren't Going To Filibuster Anyway

I haven't posted anything in awhile because I am watching this lame duck session of Congress closely to see just what kind of courage Democrats have and if they are even worth supporting vigorously anymore. I hate the alternative but its hard as hell to keep promoting a party that continues to get its teeth kicked in and saying "thanks may I have another".

Well the first shot has been fired this morning as Senate Republicans en masse threaten to filibuster everything that doesn't pertain to tax cuts or funding the federal government. That means no votes on DADT repeal, unemployment, the START treaty etc.

But here's the rub, THEY ARE GOING TO DO THAT ANYWAY. I don't give a fuck if DADT repeal comes up first or last during this lame duck session the GOP is going to filibuster it. Same with unemployment benefits. Same with anything else the Democrats want.

So what is the upside of capitulating to their demands?

There literally is none.

The good thing is this will reveal very quickly whether Harry Reid and the rest of the Senate Dems have any balls or not. Either they go ahead and put everything they want to push through up for a vote, filibuster be damned. Or they hand over the keys of control to the GOP a little early and we get a taste of what the next two years will be like.

And honestly, if Democrats are dumb enough to fall for this bullshit I'll probably be shutting down this blog or at the least changing the direction of it. That, for me, will be the final straw.

It is what it is...

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  1. Don't shut your blog down. I was a lifelong registered Democrat but changed registration a couple of months ago and now am a member of no party. However, I will never vote for any enemies of America like this present and soon to be incoming krewe of Republicans who promise and pledge to be worse than the asshole Republicans and cowardly Democrats we had to deal with during the little Bush administrations. At least then, all they wanted to do was loot the country. These new assholes want to resume doing that plus impose their twisted thoughts on us through horseshit legislation and packing the DOJ and bench with assholes like them.

    Would it be nice if the Democrats acted like an opposition party? Sure. Is that going to happen now? It would be a miracle if it did.

    Keep the blog. Keep up the fight. We're all going to need it.


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