Friday, November 5, 2010

How The Lying Right Wing Echo Chamber Works

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  1. What's sad about it is how many people the Right Wing blowhards are able to dupe into voting squarely against their own self-interest. The super-duper-rich fat cats who run the Republican Party are actually a tiny minority, less than 1% of the US population who have their dirty but well-connected hands on the country's wealth without actually producing anything. But they're able to trick white Southerners in particular into voting for them.

    This is despite the fact that poor white guys and gals would be screwed here there and just about everywhere else by the rich assholes who run the GOP. Southern whites have much lower levels of health insuring than other Americans, less education, less union protection, poorer health and other protections enjoyed by other communities that stand together better. Plus, southern white are more likely to be ripped off by predatory lenders and wind up in debt peonage.

    But they're tricked into tying their own nooses. The super-rich assholes who run the Republicans just blow the doggy-whistle about them there colored folk gettin' uppity, and even the worst-suffering whites at the hands of those super-rich, fall into line.

    Just like the Civil War all over again, most Southern whites didn't own slaves and were screwed over by the plantation owners (who got free labor and thus drove down the wages of the white individual farmers), so Southern whites lost out from slavery. But the plantation owners tricked the poorer whites into becoming cannon fodder for them, while the plantation owners exempted themselves from service. Only when Wilson and the Union generals penetrated the far South and targeted the plantation owners themselves, did the rich finally feel the pain they were forcing upon the poor whites that they themselves were manipulating.

    It actually does seem to be getting a little better in my experience. I did some campaigning and even in NW Louisiana and other parts of the Deep South, we got some of the Southern whites to realize this. But there's a lot of propaganda that still has a vested interest in those people continuing to drink the Kool-Aid.


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