Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time To Start Lobbing Grendades

I think at this point just a month away from election day its time for the Kendrick Meek campaign to turn their sights totally on Marco Rubio and act as if Charlie Crist doesn't even exist. I don't know if they have done enough to get Democrats off of Crist's bandwagon but the time for that has essentially run out.

Right now what Democrats and most voters want to see is a fighter. Someone who is going to stand up for their core beliefs. Its a lie that voters want to see more bipartisanship and bridge building, especially when it comes to the base of both parties. I guarantee you Marco Rubio will make no such pledges about working with the other side and neither should Meek. If he wants to get the rest of the base behind him and start chipping away at Rubios lead now is the time to start going negative heavy on him.

Make it a sincere contrast on the vision Rubio sees for American and the vision candidate Meek and most Democrats see for America. Use the Tea Party platform to destroy him. Use his pledges to help repeal health care reform and financial reform to portray him as someone in the pocket of special interests, someone who wants to privatize social security, someone who wants to take away MediCare as we all know it, someone who wants to allow credit card companies to jack up people's rates on a whim, someone who wants to allow Wall Street banksters to write their own rules and someone who wants to take everyone's right to vote for their Senators away from them.

Portray him as personally radical but in the main stream of the GOP. Link him to Jim Demint and Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann as well as to the racists over the top images at Tea Party rallies. Talk about how the GOP wants to shut down the government rather than help people who are hurting. Use wedge issues in the same way that the GOP has traditionally used them.

Come out full bore and let people know that if you have the honor to go and represent them in the Senate you will not allow extremism to rule the day. That you will go out and fight against corporate interests and the status quo. That you will FIGHT to keep all of the legislation we passed the last two years in tact even if they are tweaked along the way to make them better. Run on your record and empahsize the fact that you will FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT when you get in the Senate.

There really is no other path to victory at this point. Right now so many people are looking for a hero or at least what looks like one. They are looking for strength and someone whom they can follow even if that person is wrong on a lot of issues. So far Marco Rubio has been the only person in the race to make an affirmative case that he is going to battle for his party's principles. Charlie Crist can stay in the mushy middle all he wants, he can't lob grenades from there by virtue of the fact that he is trying to portray himself as a deal maker when he is really just a political opportunist. Right now what will get the most attention isn't a timid voice in the wilderness. Right now what people need to hear is a booming voice on a bull horn saying asses need to be kicked and Kendrick Meek has his steel toe boots on!!!

I know that our own party members in state have and continue to sell Kendrick Meek out. I know that progressives have been hesitant to get involved. I know some people have bought Crist's bullshit. But here's what I also know. Right now Marco Rubio is starting to run away with the race. And Crist is starting to look a lot less appealing to people who thought that a vote for him would keep Rubio out of office. He also is running one of the most milque toast campaigns in recent history. If there was every a time to make a dramatic move in the polls by taking on Rubio its now. If not I'm afraid by the time November 2nd comes around it will be to late.

The time to FIGHT is now!!!

If you need some ideas or motivation her is Rachel Maddow showing just how a handful of Democrats are campaigning and winning by standing on Democratic principles and the Democratic achievements.

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