Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rachel Maddow Ties It All Together

Rachel Maddow took the opportunity last night to take an indepth look at the orchestrated and unAmerican townhall teabagger revolts. But bigger than that she pointed out how many in the mainstream media are trying to keep their head in the sand to the fact that these are not honest brokers. These aren't people who come to these townhalls just to ask questions because they are mad. They don't want answers. They only want to shut down dialogue whether its from other members of the audience or from the Democratic member of Congress themselves. In their neverending quest to try to be balanced the media is refusing to report the facts. They can not be allowed to get away with this! Pass this clip along to your friends and family members who might actually be buying the "grassroots" frame.

Rachel also took the opportunity to tie the current tactics by the GOP to hurt health care reform efforts into the so called "Brooks Brothers" fake riots that occurred during the recount down here in Florida after the 2000 elections.

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  1. Is that a Black Woman in the first clip? Oh, my Sistah no. I'm weeping over this. I bet they put her in to try to cut off the "Angry White Male" meme that has emerged in the last few months.


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